Girls Compeitive Team


Developmental Team

An introductory program to our Competitive Team. We work on basic gymnastics shapes through strength and flexibility.


USAG Levels 3-10

Our USAG program is for dedicated and hard working individuals. They work on skills designed for their level and will progress through levels as the skills are mastered. Levels 3-5 compete in USAG sanctioned meets from September through December. Levels 6-10 compete in USAG sanctioned meets from December through April.



The XCEL program is a more flexible competitive program. This is for the child who wants the experience of competing but cannot commit to 20 hours a week. The competitive season runs from January through April.


TOPS is a talent search and educational program for female gymnasts based on age and skill level. During the summer months, if eligible, the gymnast will be tested and evaluated on their skill and physical abilities at the state or regional level.